February 19, 2017

Yago and the Origin of Onis

We first heard about onis in MooShu. We first heard about Yago in Wysteria. Where are the onis from? How are they connected to Yago? That's what I'll be addressing in this post.

One thing that needs to be gotten out of the way before addressing the origin of onis is whether onis, helephants, and gurtoks are all the same thing. The answer is yes. Remember Kogasha, in the Tower of the Helephant? He's considered a helephant (who would've guessed?). He infamously uttered the following quote.
"Long ago, Lyon pulled me from the stars, where I dwelt in peace with my people within the star-fields of Yago."
The staff of KingsIsle have acknowledged multiple times that Kogasha is an oni. For example, in a thread back in January of this year asking about the origin of onis, Dworgyn stated the following sentence.
"Librarian Fitzhume reminded me that Kogasha has some interesting dialog in the Tower of the Helephant . . . something about the 'star-fields of Yago'? Maybe that's a clue? Interesting!"
So, that's pretty much settled. Helephants are onis; I'd guess that they are Fire onis. The name difference most likely has to do with culture. To get off on a quick tangent, what types of onis could there be? I notice a pattern in the naming of onis: Death Oni, Jade Oni, Plague Oni, and War Oni. It's time to consult the Book of Secrets. Except for 'war', all these titles are something you can find in the Book of Secrets. Using this information, I'd guess that there are onis for each school (Death Oni, Myth Oni, etc...), onis for each gem (Ruby, Sapphire, Amethyst, Peridot, Jade, Onyx, and Citrine Onis), and onis for each listed disaster (Earthquake, Volcano, Blizzard, Hurricane, Tornado, Plague, and Sandstorm Onis). Considering that there is a War Oni, there is probably a Peace Oni.

I'd question why there are multiple of the other kinds of onis (presumably, considering helephants) and one Death, Jade, Plague, and War Oni. Perhaps they are the last of their kind (or the most powerful), but keep in mind, in Celestia, there is a boss with clones, Blue Bart. This could be the case with the Death, Jade, Plague, and War Onis.

Okay, let's get back on track. In Dragonspyre and Grizzleheim, there have been Gurtok Demons. Not only have they been referred to as helephants (and onis) by staff members, which we already know are onis, I'd guess that Gurtok is a title and not a species. Regardless, their status as onis or not is irrelevant, because onis are shapeshifters, and they could simply be taking on the appearance of Gurtoks. However, it doesn't seem like KingsIsle would do something like this.

Now, as we learn from Kogasha, Yago is most likely the world of the onis. This world will probably have a dark, outer space theme (hence star-fields), most likely with areas catering to different types of onis. There could be a sun-themed area for the helephants. Another interesting thing to consider if Yago is released is the release of a new secondary school: Zodiac Magic. Not only does this fit into the outer space theme, but it fits into the MooShu theme, setting up a good situation to combine both the more familiar Zodiac system as well as the Chinese Zodiac system. Similar things have been speculated before, as you can see below. Contrary to some of the posts, I'd say what would be ideal is if Zodiac Magic used Zodiac pips, however. This additional stat wouldn't be too much to worry about if gear was designed appropriately.

Secondary School - Zodiac Ideas
New Secondary School: Zodiac
Zodiac Signs!

I'm guessing Yago will be a Fourth Arc world, not a Third Arc world. Why? If this is the place where the onis were summoned from, and assuming this will be a world, then the summoner of the onis will most likely be revealed. This concept would have great potential for its own separate arc (most likely featuring the summoner as the villain), especially considering how much it would develop and dig more into the plot. Why was the wizard summoning the onis? Do they have any relation to Emperor Yoshihito (perhaps rivals) or Malistaire? What about Morganthe? How did they change the plot of the worlds where the onis were summoned? What would of happened if they never were summoned? What do you think? Comment below!