February 26, 2017

Deck Reform Now

Decks have a lot of issues that KingsIsle still hasn't addressed, so I am going to address them in hopes that KingsIsle will as well. Two simple reforms could revolutionize duels.

1. More spells can be put in decks, but the spell limits don't compensate.
It's funny how a simple graphics issue caused this. KingsIsle animated it so they didn't have enough space to compensate for more spells in the end. The deck control panel needs to be updated.

In the animation, simply remove the slots. Whenever you add a spell to your deck, let's say Satyr, a Satyr icon will appear on the blank space. If you add more Satyrs, more Satyr icons won't be added. If you put 5 Satyrs, it'll simply say x5 somewhere around the icon (I imagine the bottom right). If you put any other number of a certain spell, it'll work the same way. I know as I have this solution now, it'll simply delay the same issue. So, just add a scroll bar.

If this solution is implemented, KingsIsle can keep spell limits, but they can be reasonable spell limits. If spells are added to the game that can't replace other spells in your deck (spell upgrades), spell limits need to compensate.

By the way, this should be the same for treasure cards.

2. Despite having more complex decks, we still have to rely on primitive battle planning.
During battle, with our more complex decks, not only can we not see how we designed our decks during battle, but our spell hand is too small and the time limit is too short. Seeing effects applied to ourselves was an improvement, but we still can't see the effects applied to our enemies.

Firstly, we need to see the effects applied to our enemies as well. During battle, we need to be able to see our whole decks somehow [and voluntarily mark or tint/color our spells (if tint/color, it can't be school colors), this could be used to keep track of all the charms/wards we don't wanna use, since we already have]. Also during battle, our spell hand and the timer need to be increased at higher levels (perhaps at Celestia). Also, you need to fix the glitch where you lag after discarding, lag after enchanting, lag after switching rounds, lag after casting spells, and all the other lag experienced during battle.

An idea of mine is that when it's time to select spells, you can see your whole deck, but the spells you can't use are greyed out [or, in order not to conflict with the tint/color mentioned earlier, could be below a line]. To draw a treasure card, you could check off a spell then click draw.