February 11, 2017

10 Non-Player Character Spells

It's a pity that with all our powerful spells, we can't call upon our friends and enemies. I think it's about time. In this post, I've compiled ten non-player characters and what their spells could be like in reverse alphabetical order. I know this has some obvious omissions, and that is because I don't have good ideas for those characters. I do not own any of these images.

10. Alhazred

Alhazred can be a damage-over-time spell. He can do Life damage the first round, Storm damage the next, and Fire damage the last. This can have three DOTs or one balance DOT. I imagine Alhazred having the Order of the Fang behind him, both being surrounded by many books and scrolls, during the animation. The inspiration for this is the Sun/Solar charms and wards, who combine these three schools.

9. Arthur Wethersfield

Arthur Wethersfield can deal Ice, Death, and Myth damage twice then convert half to healing. I imagine him howling like a werewolf to a moon in the sky during the animation. The inspiration for this is the Moon/Lunar charms and wards, and I think I've drawn on the schools they combine quite nicely.

8. Cyrus Drake

Cyrus Drake can shatter all the positive charms and wards like the nice guy he is. He then can go on to attack. A minion will be summoned, but it's health will be a percentage of the damage Cyrus dealt. For example, if the percentage was 50%, and Cyrus dealt 1000 damage, the minion would have 500 health. It could be a Cyrus minion. I imagine him, during the animation, looking at each enemy, analyzing them, then pointing with his staff to the chosen target and shaking his head, then striking. I know Witch's Housecall summons a minion, but I published this idea on the official forums before that spell came out. Did KingsIsle get that idea from me? I'm afraid we'll never know.

7. Dalia Falmea

Dalia Falmea will give a -50% accuracy debuff then place a 6-round damage-over-time. I imagine Dalia blinking, smiling, and coming across as friendly during the animation. Then her eyes can light on fire and she can angrily reach into her pocket and spin while blasting wildfire out of her hand.

6. Dworgyn

Dworgyn can attack with his lantern then beguile. Dworgyn could also brush the floor of a house and the dust could be used to damage the enemies. I also imagine him being in Dimwood Vale with bats flying about during the animation. After being beguiled by his aunts for so long, now he can beguile others. Something in the spell should probably highlight Dworgyn's childishness.

5. Halston Balestrom

I've never found Tempest that useful in the Second Arc, so I thought of a unique spell idea that combines your average attack spell with Tempest. Halston Balestrom can start with base damage, but for every pip you cast him over his usual pip cost, his attack will get stronger. For example, if his base damage is 500 for 4 pips, it increases by 100 damage every pip over, and you cast him with 10 pips, it will deal 1100 damage. I imagine him doing one of his science experiments, and maybe something could go wrong, causing the attack. Or we could appeal to his history and the spell animation could be something like Halston attacking the enemies during his jail escape because he thinks they are guards.

4. Lydia Greyrose

It's about time the Ice school got a healing spell, and what better healing spell would be the kind-hearted fairy Lydia Greyrose? I imagine her on a hill made of sugar with candy sticking out of it. She can then throw the sugar on each of the caster's allies, healing them. She can then give them a tower-over-time, which means every round for three rounds a tower shield will be generated. Tower-over-times would be a neat and useful function to have in the game.

3. Malistaire Drake

Frankly, Malistaire Drake is a misunderstood guy who did the wrong things for the right reasons. That's why I think we can cut him some slack and give him an unselfish Death spell. He should attack all enemies. He could start by attacking one enemy, healing the caster, and for every other enemy he attacks, he can heal an ally. Not so bad of a guy, is he?

2. Malorn Ashthorn

Malorn Ashthorn can be like the spell Qismah's Curse, allowing you to select two targets. He can deal 600 damage to the caster in order to give the caster or an ally a +30% Balance Blade and 3 pips. He can heal another ally for 600 health. Peers help each other out.

1. Morganthe

Yes, I know there are Morganthe spells that are item cards, but not only can they be used if you have the right jewel, but they are not the actual Morganthe. She can take a percentage, for example 10%, of each ally's current health, including that of the caster's. Then she can convert it to damage for one enemy or divide the damage among all the enemies. Sharpen Blade could potentially be used to increase the percentage. The initial percentage would probably have to be low so it doesn't damage the team too much. The percentage could be higher for the caster to prevent this from being used to troll your team.